Meet Brett

Meet Brett

Brett wants everyone to know that if you are serious about wanting to change then he is serious about helping you. He says "Honestly, working out is not always fun but we can relieve our stress and walk away feeling less anxious, less stressed, and ready to meet this crazy life head on... He specializes in weight loss, strength and conditioning, post rehabilitation, and is" the man" when it comes to assisted stretch. He incorporates assisted stretch at the end of each one-hour session so you get more bang for your buck! Stretching is imperative as each time you work out muscles shorten and need to be lengthened again. The assisted stretch Brett offers helps to correct muscle imbalances, improve blood circulation, and give you more range of motion than you could possibly achieve on your own. He has stretched countless people from elite athletes to people who have never worked out a day in their life.
Brett just recently moved back to the area after spending the past 18 years in Tennessee. He has been working out since the age of 15 and at the age of 28 was asked to help Martial Arts Athletes become more conditioned for competition. Once he saw how much he enjoyed helping others, he decided to dedicate his life to help those that wanted to help themselves. Brett's mother and sister are both have degrees in nutrition so it was fitting that he uses the knowledge they instilled in him to help others as well. If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares, look no further than Brett!


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Small Group Fitness Instructor
Associates Degree of Science/ Business Administration
Previous Small Business Owner
Residential/ Commercial Mortgage Loan Officer
Financial Institution Branch Manager/Collections Manager

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