Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin

Associate of Science Degree, Sports Medicine Fitness Technology and IFA Certified Fitness Trainer

Kevin resides in Port St. Lucie Florida. He has been a trainer since 2009 and has worked at Mission Fitness and Wellness since its inception in 2012. During his professional career, Kevin has trained both men and women of various ages and fitness levels - from the competitive bodybuilder and fitness contestant to the medically challenged clients with issues such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity to name a few. “I take great pride in helping these individuals with their issues and consider their blood test results my report card.” As Kevin states, “If their respective numbers come down, I have helped my clients achieve a better quality of life.“

Kevin has a passion for his profession and considers his clients as not just clients but part of his fitness family. As he says, “ I explain to my clients that we together are embarking on an exciting journey, one that, if we work together as a team, will give them the tools and motivation to make it their own lifetime journey. “ Kevin reminds his clients that, “the best part of a journey is not the final destination, but the memories you share getting there.”

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