Get to Know Kaylan

Kaylan lives in her hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. She has been with Mission Fitness since January 2014 and has been a trainer since 2013. Since becoming a trainer Kaylan has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients including both Men and Women of all ages, Minors, Weight Management clients, and has found a special niche working with seniors and clients with injuries, physical impairments and pre surgery/post physical therapy. “I really enjoy working with this clientele” Kaylan says; “I’m always impressed with the effort they put in and it is so rewarding to work with them and see their results change their lives! I think I share a similar work ethic with these individuals…and it shows in what we are able to accomplish together”.

Kaylan has also spearheaded our initiative to bring our clients the highest quality nutritional supplements that meet our high standards for MFW’s “ results driven” PT program. By bringing Advocare products to our clients and even offering free supplement consultations Kaylan insures that each individual client is set up with a personalized supplemental program that , when coupled with her progressive training technique, optimizes each clients results. Looking forward Kaylan is working towards adding an additional 4+ Certifications to her name and becoming an ISSA Master Trainer. In addition; this year she is preparing to launch a blog, begin to have her articles published, and start a healthy living lecture series.
More things you may not know about Kaylan:

  • Before becoming a Personal Trainer; Kaylan was a lifelong Equestrian and owned her own business training performance horses and their owners for competition. She even worked with an Olympic level Combined Driving Team!
  • Kaylan LOVES to dance! She especially enjoys dancing to Latin music and even teaches Salsa and Bachata lessons here in the gym and in Vero Beach.
  • Kaylan’s clients get special offers! Endearingly referred to as ” AKA Fit BEASTS & AKA Fit Beauties”; Kaylan’s clients not only enjoy being able to follow her inspirational and informative social media accounts but also to be a part of the private client group on Facebook and receive email newsletters!