Meet Samuel Hessler

Meet Samuel Hessler

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer & ISSA Certified Master Trainer Level II

Sam came a thousand miles from his hometown of Toledo, OH to the Port St. Lucie area at the beginning of 2017. He has been working out at mission fitness since the move and recently joined our team of trainers at the beginning of the summer. Sam has grown up interested in fitness and athletics, playing high school basketball, soccer and football, and has finally taken the steps to help others achieve the same level of satisfaction he has received by making health and fitness a priority in life. I am very excited to share the joy I have found through nutrition and fitness with others, and watch as people transform their lives by making positive choices. Sam says; I have overcome a lot of adversity in my life, and taking care of my mind and body and been an integral part of staying on this upward climb.. Sam has really found a home here at MFW and is looking forward to getting to working alongside our team and being an asset to our community.

Up the road, Sam is finishing up his Engineering degree started at Ohio State in 2013, at Indian River State College. He is continuing to learn about nutrition and fitness to be able to provide the highest quality of service as per the standard for MFW, and is adding 2 more certifications by the end of the year. He really enjoys helping others to change their lives as he has been able to do and would like to become a therapist and work with people who suffer from addiction.
More things you may not know about Sam :

  • Sam is new to the industry but is learning fast and has an incredible drive and work ethic. He is very passionate about his home state of Ohio, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Ohio State Buckeyes where he spent two years studying Chemical Engineering.
  • Sam loves reading; all types of literature including self help books such as The Battlefield of the Mind, novels like Patterson and Grisham as well as studying health and nutrition. Sam is an avid chess player and loves to play any and all card games including: spades, bridge, hearts, euchre, rummy and all kinds of poker.

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